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20CM Tischbombe Feuerwerk

The table bomb is a kind of safe fireworks for indoor party fun. After ignition, the charge or compressed air in the tube blows out some confetti, toys or streamers and emits a popping sound.

SKU: CFT-030

Categories: table bomb fireworks, party supplies, F1 fireworks, table fun

Schnelle Details
Art.-Nr.: CFT030 Verpackung: 24 / 1
Beschreibung: 20CM Table bomb fireworks Kategorien: KATZE. F1
Produktgröße: 200xØ75mm Adr: 1.4S / 1.4G
Feature: Indoor party fireworks MOQ: 50-100 Kartons
Ignition way: By fuse Herkunftsort: Liuyang, China